Community Leadership Summit Wiki

If you participated in this session, please update/correct these notes in case anything is incomplete or was misunderstood.

Case: Very significant overhaul of community hub.

  • Challenge:
    • Most community members don't always interact with the community site; many don't care about the updates, many do. How to reach people appropriately.
  • Solution:
    • Be decisive/use authority when necessary. Be transparent as possible. Respond personally to personal complaints.

Transparency vs. Prior Notice

  • Allowing for consideration before a change can cause more resistance.
  • Keep people apprised on a specific blog where relevant people are informed. Use rough drafts of plans with a basic outline of future direction.
  • More acceptance through communicating the problem before creating change.

How to communicate to a large and diverse user community

  • Communicate through community organizers/leaders
  • Tell the story of what you're doing. First person acccount. Include how it was done.
  • Consider separate communications for different aspects of the product (user experience, technical)

How to communicate to less involved users

  • Post on a company blog
  • Make available a plugin that allows you to try a new version

How to get upper-level folks in the organization to participate in/support communications

  • Communication lead for each project, who works directly with product manager