Community Leadership Summit Wiki


  • How to find good local community organizers, and faciliate that program, when much of the community is abroad.


  • Finding local community members and utilizing them as a resource

  • Expanding a central community to one with many local user groups.


  • Travel and word of mouth spread the community


  • How to develop a global community of contributors to the project

Things that have worked:

  • Use social networks to develop online communities
  • Find the local tools/websites
  • Ambassadors program (by volunteer)

Challenge: Finding fanboys versus contributors. Trying to encourage more contribution to code.

  • People can become too fanatic.
  • Split up tasks to increase participation
  • Creating social network for contributors:

Translation tool:

Challenge: Figuring out of the community abroad is actually developing and growing

Challenge: Communities working in different languages

  • Develop process in English, but the community is working in their own language
  • People become marginalized, and excluded from conversation
  • How to localize comments in code

Challenge: Cultural translation

  • Making sure that the conversations and tools are localized, not just translated

Challenge: Interacting with tech

  • Adapting keyboard shortcuts

Challenge: Maintaining translated docs

  • "The Cross-Lingual Wiki Engine: Enabling Collaboration Across Language Barriers"