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Gaming Corporate Communities - Badges etc

Laurie pattison - oracle - leading Jim Berets Stephen Walli Jeff Potts Jeremy wilkins chuck K Jose Palafox Meghan Michael Downing Carrolyn Miller Stephen Spector Peter Kers.... Gabe Jane Sarah + a few more (name spelling is my guess)

Topic: rewarding or using badges or other kind of rewards systems to motivate quality interaction between community members and corporate entities.

Notes: Communities have a variety of options now that extend well beyond the traditional use case of points on a forum. Let users distribute recognitions and points. Reward autonomy, mastery, purpose. Try to involve users in points earned for various activities. Conflict between what CM wants from community but this creates a top down approach. Automatic promotions to moderator status given through interaction Create holistic analytics. Individuals get mad when the system can be gamed, so transparency is important. They can be used for other marketing functions and to understand the community evangelism as a whole. Complexity doesn't add value Basic Systems involve: points, titles, abilities, community recognition, ?

Questions: What happens when we take away gaming systems, how does that effect behavior. Retroactive rewards Developers V Users, what are the key differences in reward systems can they function on the same system.

Product Suggestions: Badgeville? SaaS offering Chore wars BJ Fogg, model

Easy Take Aways: Hard data on contributors is most useful draw out a life cycle of your community members then work on action items that move them from one level to the next. Take an ai m from SaaS offerings: create drip campaigns. Aim rewards at desired behaviors - don't reward high volume forum posts instead reward contributions or quality posts. Introduce those receiving recognition to the communit more formally.

Thanks for taking notes, Jose!