Community Leadership Summit Wiki

How many people do recognition for non-developers and how?[]

  • Most people raised their hands
  • Mozilla put an ad in the NYT and included names of donators
  • Mozilla has a contributors list in about:credits (localization, QA, anything people contribute and tell him about)
  • Opt in flags for their profiles. Identifies accessibility, usability, development, etc contributions
  • DrupalCon scholarships - 10-12 contributors (not always developers)
  • Monthly blog post with contributors across the project (again, not always code contributions)
  • Just say thank you. (Badges/graphics for their websites)

How do you decide who the top contributors are (to go to conferences)?[]

  • Committee
    • Ask how they have contributed
  • Application for scholarships

Where is the right balance between quantitative credit vs. qualitative credit?[]

  • Where does your community fall on that spectrum?
  • Social component vs. behavior-based algorithm components
    • Up votes, etc
    • Algorithm that takes behavior into account (commits, rating on commits)
  • Metrics are a slippery slope.

How do you choose who gets recognition?[]

  • Intensive community lead committees
  • Its ad-hoc, too private, and doesn't influence other people to contribute
  • Writing an application
    • Request an email with the bugs, patches, that best represent your contribution
  • Nominations
    • Mozilla Summit - nominations from leads to go and picked people
  • Subjective rewards are controversial
    • Drupal has experimented with community spotlight (subjective choosing of rockstars) and hasn't been controversial.
    • Collect metrics on how it effects rewarded and non-rewarded contributors

Why are we giving recognition?[]

  • To influence more contributors
  • Might create intimidation (why should I contribute if there are already good contributors)
  • Motivating for swag is slippery
  • To make people happy?

Incentivize people to contribute v. Rewarding people for contributions[]

  • Reveal the algorithm to show intention/teach best practice.
  • If recognition leads to people walking away, there's a lack of transparency
  • First badge for a commit encourages people; sending people to conferences rewards them
  • Rewards should be contextual - choose rewards that are important to people who care about the project
  • If someone is doing something for free (without reward), they stop being compelled to do it for free once you pay them (with rewards)
  • Rewards can take away from intrinsic value

What is the structure/hierarchy of leadership/community?[]

  • There's no adequate way to manage karma.
  • There's a lack of transparency around leadership, credit, experience, and structure.
  • Mozilla is experimenting with a community directory. Profiles/social network with API to integrate with other tools
    • Allows for more metrics
    • Easier to map users
    • Recognizes who you are in the community. Rewards.

Who can we learn from?[]

  • Non-profits, leaders who reward volunteers
  • Ask the community and collective metrics on reactions to rewards


Names, positions/project, and how they currently reward contributors. Spellcheck on names is welcome :]

  • Adam Williamson - QA on Fedora
  • Jo Peach - Community Manager on eBay Dev Network
  • Adam Kroll - Community Manager on MongoDB
  • Gervase Markham - Mozilla - Advertisements in newspapers, Websites, swag, weird stuff
  • Alan Clark - OpenSUSE - recognition is expensive
  • Dawn Foster - Community Manager for MeeGo (Intel) - Contributor metrics, device giveaways and points system
  • Soren Hansen - OpenStack - Listed in an authors file and on VCS
  • Angie - Drupal - User Profile - Project commits and documentation
  • Greg Dunlap - Drupal
  • Belinda Ruffle - BlueVolt - Rewards System - $$
  • Laurie Patterson - Oracle - Thumbs up, contributions, time with developers
  • Monica Rush - Microsoft Wiki - Unified Profiles
  • Evan - Organizes Open Source Events - T-shirts for volunteers
  • Lars Kurth - - Recognition on blogs, sites; t'shirts
  • Jose - Puppet - Free entry to events, flying speakers to events, t-shirts, stickers, etc, levels of swag/shirts based on color
  • Daniel Johnson