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Influencing CEOs, Becoming CEOs[]

Participants provided inputs based on the following questions:

What is a leader?

  • A leader is able to make people feel like they belong to a group and motivate the group members to act together.
  • Someone that others respect and look to for guidance. Someone who is trusted.
  • A person who is capable of having and communicating a vision, and attracting others to help create the vision
  • A visionary tasked with making directional changes and who ideally takes responsibility for those choices
  • One who is able to motivate others to make progress against a shared vision or mission
  • One who polarizes people to certain action
  • One who provides a guiding ideology
  • A leader defines culture and helps to motivate others to build in accordance with that culture
  • Strategic
  • Long and short-term vision / plans
  • Ability to make tough decisions & sacrifices for best of whole
  • Ability to get people pulling in the same direction
  • Leaders inspire and motivate action
  • Someone who inspires others to follow them

What is an executive?

  • Someone who enacts / executes on decisions
  • Executives have omain-specific power and responsibility
  • Command & control (even if illusory)
  • $$
  • Upper level management
  • Works on bigger scale projects
  • A leader charged with executing to achieve the company's mission
  • One who is intimately involved in the guidance, oversight, and direction of business activities
  • One who provides leadership to the company
  • One who listens to stakeholders
  • An executive is someone with operational decision-making capability / empowerment
  • An implementer of those decisions both with and without responsibility for them
  • A leader that has been recognized by the organization as being of high value / impact
  • No idea. Someone in a suit and a corporate car. I tend to think of them as out of touch.
  • I don't have a good answer for this one.

What is blocking me in my journey of growth as a leader?

  • Past: Personal disagreement with select superiors
  • Present: Time and financial resources when deparing said superiors
  • The number of hours in a day
  • Limited resources (budget, human, etc.)
  • Understanding how to define and build the appropriate culture
  • Building rapport and goodwill
  • No openings
  • No process for training and development
  • Company not as focused on training staff to move -- but bring in more outside talent
  • Still working on my own self-development
  • Persuasion skills
  • Lack of experience and knowledge
  • Communication skills
  • Getting across my vision
  • Changing roles and copanies to grow, but not being able to get hired into the next highest rung. At my firm, the jump to "Director" and higher is significant
  • Self-effacement? What makes me qualified? I feel like a fraud. The closest I get to feeling like an effective leader is that I sometimes have insights about direction that others don't seem to have.
  • I want to lead an organization I didn't create

Concepts that triggered further discussion

  • autonomy
  • accountability
  • responsibility
  • authority
  • influence
  • manipulation
  • performance
  • compensation
  • leverage