Community Leadership Summit Wiki
We Do Awesome: Communicating Good Work to Managers and Shareholders

led by Jono Bacon; @jonobacon Notes: @simsboynton

Problem 1: How to ID strategic environment/core competency of company so community reach & outputs will align properly

  • Early analysis & dialogue w/ upper mgmt. critical
  • Education key to stakeholder buy-in

Problem 2: How to define/quantify the value of “community”; inherently an intangible asset

  • ID & build protocols able to transpose community value in terms appropriate to each specific audience
  • Execs typically prefer a methodology that quantifies:
    • Metrics: Number impressions, click-thru's / conversions
    • Leverage: Demonstrate exponential potential of Community on overall reach
    • ROI: Per new revenues or decreased costs (development, IT support, etc
    • Monthly or periodic reports detailing community issues/solutions

Problem 3: How to communicate/transpose the value of both community & community manager to stakeholders: both up the chain of command & within the community

  • Community Value:
    • Reach
    • User Expectations/community support
    • Peer validation
    • Strategic mapping
    • Contingencies & work-arounds for scaling-up
  • Community-Manager value:
    • Scalability : Manager's hands-on knowledge helps w/ contingencies/troubleshooting to scale-up
    • Manager as Interface; Acts as point of interaction in community for: customers; community/volunteers; staff; management
    • Visualization: causal loop diagrams can map complex problems, locate bottlenecks, & illustrate how interrelated variables affect one another, leading to better solutions
    • Burn down charts : track project work/remaining vs time/available
    • Community Logs: tracks manager's record of troubleshooting issues in the community over time
    • Stories & examples evoke emotional connection w/ audience; communicates value of community beneath conscious level of awareness
    • Community Immersion: translates to better predictions; modeling; loyalty; brand value