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Abstract: There are people in your user community passionate about your product. How do you identify these people, get them active, and enable them to do great things for the community?

There's a gallery of Kevin's raw scribblings, I will work on transcribing them into something more useful below.

Attendees (probably with typos):

  • Sam Eder (host)
  • Todd Cage
  • Adam Lansik
  • Andrea Middleton
  • Aseesh
  • Kevin Turner
  • whatsherface whose name probably starts with N who works for the Microsoft Alumni Network
  • That one guy who did some other stuff but is is now working with a jewish community

Talking about advocates and infulencers. Advocates are people who are excited about your work and recommend it to others. Influencers are the people that others listen to. Sometimes those two qualities overlap, but they don't necessarily.


How do you identify advocates?

You probably know it when you see it. But do distinguish people who are good advocates from people who simpy post a lot (blowhards).

Decide what qualities you're seeing. Frequency / timeliness of posts, so few questions go unanswered? Depth of knowledge, giving detailed & complete responses?

Context: You're a Community Manager seeking people in the community to promote to some officially recognized brand ambassador role.

Do you have selection criteria for this role? Yes, use some metrics like length of community membership, number of posts marked "best answer", etc. These are objective; there may be other more subjective qualities as well (the "beauty contest").

Sometimes when people meet the objective criteria they get upset when they don't get anointed. You may use a multi-stage process:

  1. People meet the measures, this is a prerequsite for #2,
  2. Fill out a formal application for the position
  3. Sponsoring organization reviews and manually selects from applicants (subjective qualities come in to play here) to promote.

If you have a formal agreement with these people that defines their responsibilities as well as the perks, (e.g. you must host N events per year), this may cool people down from their "I wrote 100 posts, give me my ambassador status" position.

It's very helpful to set a predefined duration for this role, i.e. re-evaluate it it on an annual basis.

Asheesh talks about a different situation: Provide some sort of challenge, maybe present it as a contest. The people who respond are good candidates for you. As incentive for the contest, provide some prize, e.g. complete the task and get commit access.


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(not transcribed yet)