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Community Leadership Summit 2012 Lightning Talks[]

At each year at CLS we have a lightning talks session at 10am - 11am on the Sunday of the event. The goal of these talks is to be a really quick bite of great work that is going on - they are quick fire and they are no longer than five minutes long.

There are a few rules for the lightning talks:

  • the five minute limit is hard - if you go over your five minutes you will be gonged off. :-)
  • no slides for the lightning talks - getting computers hooked up often sucks up too much time - do feel free to use other visual props that don't require setting a computer up. :-)

That's it - volunteer your topics here!

Volunteered Lightning Talks[]

Please add the topic, a brief description and your name:

  • Ann Barcomb can talk about RIPE Atlas, an Internet measuring network based on small probes hosted by the community
  • Your job title is killing us: Why wacky job titles are hurting our industry - Sam Eder - We've heard them all before- People Wrangler, Community Ninja, Funky Wizard, etc but those job titles actually impact the community managers inside of totally unrelated organizations. I'll make my case as to why, for the sake of community managers all over the world, we need to put some rigor behind our jobs on paper. Warning: I may use some profanity.
  • Gaming for Social Good: Jeffrey Sens, Portland Games for Change. How do we encourage siloed communities to collaborate across sectors of technical expertise and interest? How do gamers move from consumers to invested stakeholders in doing social good? In this brief chat, I'll discuss how Portland Games for Change is creating an infrastructure for local and regional collaboration throughout the Pacific NW, including new opportunities for non-profits, educators, entrepreneurs, coders and game developers.
  • Civic Hacker Nation: building a volunteer community so anyone can code for America - Kevin Curry - in January 2012, Code for America started the Brigade. Every year hundreds of people apply our fellowship program for a handful of slots. Hundreds more write us letters asking how they can get involved. This is our answer."
  • 'The Value of Virtual Silence' - Donnie Maclurcan- Since 2010 I've been part of online community meetings that are typed, rather than spoken. The results have been incredible, with benefits in terms of productivity, democratic input and participant satisfaction.