Community Leadership Summit Wiki

Some case studies[]

What tools are we using?[]

  • Gerrit
  • MediaWiki
  • Skype
  • Ushahidi
  • IRC
  • NING
  • Wordpress - easy to use, but hard to customize outside of its typical use case
  • Drupal - harder to configure, but once set up, as easy as Wordpress
    • Drupal commons: "A clone of"
    • OpenScholar / OpenOutreach - prepackaged drupal modules
  • wickedsmart (on sourceforge)
  • Big Blue button
  • CRM (e.g. civic CRM)
  • mailchimp
  • WebEx
  • Canvas - many features limited to cloud environment
  • Diaspora - peer-to-peer social network
  • pumpIO
  • Avalon - curation of digital media

What are the challenges?[]

  • Access to data
    • Privacy: how can you ensure it?  Breaches of privacy can have very serious consequences
    • How can you ensure that you'll have access to your data?  There were lots of issues with getting data out of NING-based sites
  • Free software developed on top of proprietary platforms
    •   e.g. built on google hangout
    • Why does the whole stack need to be open source?
    •   There is a slippery slope from using non-free tools for collaboration, to losing freedom in the kernel and other parts of the stack
    •  After the success of free software in the kernel, the free software world has lagged behind in newer trends, like cloud platforms, collaboration software
  • Challenges of communication:
    • Multiple (human) languages used in a group
    • Diverse skill levels: jargon e.g. "page" may not mean much to some
  • Fragmentation:
    • "A dozen programs with a dozen micro sites"
    • Compatibility amoung open source tools

What are some best practices?[]

  • Use purpose-specific icons to overcome barriers due to language or skill levels
  • When selecting a tool, look at its community, and ask, "is this likely to be supported several years from now"?
  • Use CRM to manage address books etc. in a platform-agnostic way
  • Focus on group processes, not on tools.

What do we still need?[]

  • Tools for real-time communication
  • Tech support for open tools drupal etc.