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Organizers: Activate Hub

Difference in tactics between wanting to expand user bases of online and offline groups.

Another challenge: trying to recruit new users/attendees who don’t follow/subscribe.

There’s the question of quantity and quality, too.

Discussion about Meetup: Meetup sucks bc it’s poor at helping creators foster conversation and continue conversation after the event.

·      Is this by design?

·      Also, hard to connect with people afterword.

·      Heretical statement from Eli: Maybe this isn’t a software problem, maybe we need to connect with people there and in person.

·      Also highly transactional.

·      Use spreadsheets to track attendance, and cut people off the list when they don’t attend and/or rsvp and then don’t attend.

·      Other options:

o   Caligator: a low-barrier community calendar system. It’s also open source.

o   Downside is that it is PDX-centric.

o   So many people want to create events. Planning is not the hard thing. It’s promotion that is the challenge. That’s why community calendars work. Then people register through Eventbrite.

o   Idea of crowdfunding events. There are a few groups that do this.

o amazing project/event management software.

Struggle with quantifying the impact of these events to pass on to funders.

·      Ideas:

o   Lanyard software for capturing content.

o   Google plus events

o   Incentives

o   Ask people to give feedback as a quid pro quo for free event

o   Expand definition of “volunteer” to include people taking surveys or giving feedback.

o   Word of mouth/ambassadors are important

o   Feeding and sustaining your community is important

Is there a calendar or source in our communities for meetups?

·      Meetup seems to be the thing that most of us use (despite our previous grevances).

·      Lanyard: newish and mostly tech conferences

·      Caligator