Community Leadership Summit Wiki


  1. Do you define your job/role or is it defined for you?
  2. Is Do we care if we are respected/understood?
  3. Do we need to self-promote? More generally, do we need to promote the profession?
  4. Does your community respect/understand your cmgr role?
  5. Does your company respect/understand your cmgr role?
  6. Do you friends and family respect/understand your cmgr job?
  7. #CMAD Community Manager Appreciation Day
  8. Are there Community Manager Degrees or Certifications?
    1. -> Community Manager University Coming Soon | My Community ManagerMy Community Manager
    2. -> Community Management Training - The Community Roundtable
    3. -> Akin to Social Media Certifications --> S3 Social Media Academy - Education & Research for applied social media