Community Leadership Summit Wiki

What do you do when you have five year old event but the old content is still relevant? How do you keep it available for future?

Topics of Conversation

Don't lose valuable information

Create a knowledge page per session

Wikis are problematic due to lack of organization

Make sure that no one has complete control of the information

Create a hand-off procedure

Github used to store germany's legal documents

Allows for easy editing by anyone

Could be used to track session information

Types of content

  • session ideas
  • text notes
  • audio/video
  • photos
  • translations
  • Q&A

Specify a note taker at the beginning of a session

AdaCamp - Handed out cards with roles during session so that people would be assigned to do certain things

typically lose whole sessions of data at CLS - no notes

translation and recording - difficult and expensive but very important for content, searchability, and usability

Recording sessions changes the conversation

Different types of sessions/events have different use cases for format of recording content

An academic conference may be best off just sharing the paper and a transcription of the talk

A tech conference is often best off doing a screen recording

And a discussion/unconference is likely best off with audio and transcription

encouraging good content

but what do you do with it?

findability searchability browsability

podcamp in Toronto was ruined for open source attendees because everything was changed to a pre-scheduled setup

Final Conclusions

Ask people to help in the Thank You email/note

Garden the Wiki

All of the content generated needs an editor/owner

Also get a secondary owner to help

Headline Topics

Report back the top 3 things

Ask for any blog posts that have come out of the event and post links in relevant areas


storify, scribble, storyful