Community Leadership Summit Wiki

Session: CLS 2013 Everywhere Note taker: Dave Nielsen

  • Doug Knight @karmix0 from Univ of Alaska
  • Rich Sands @richsands from Black Duck in Boston
  • Sharon from Community College in Indiana
  • Dave from Linux Fund in Portland
  • Kaliya Hamlin - Identity Woman in SFBayArea
  • Jim Barits from Black Duck in SFBayArea
  • Van Riper from Google in SFBayArea
  • Dave Nielsen from CloudCamp in SFBayArea


  • Why do an unconference instead of a meetup? - In a day long event, you get to know each other a little better than a Meetup
  • What is the purpose of the event?
  • To provide support for each other - Van; Community gathering of Community folks. A meta community - Van -
  • The bigger perpose is developing a sense of community for those of us who work with community - Van
  • How many people do we need? - Dave N - Anything below 40 starts to feel too small
  • What is a measure of success? - Did we have a sense of engagement
  • Kaliya said we it should start with a pursose Ex: VISA started in a very unconventional way

Suggestions for helping new organizers: Rich & Jim of Black Duck are interested in organizing CLS East in Boston

  • Pre-load the reg list with co-organizers
  • What do we need? A collection of resources that we can make available - Some sort of online venue/place to build that sense of world-wide community
  • How deal with sponsors - Dave Suggests we only need one person with a few good friends, then find a venue and a date, then get the word out! - Kaliya - says you need a core person, with teams
  • Jim suggests NOT doing all events on one Dave suggest use Boston as a test, then use CLS West to invite others

What are most important roles:

  • Core organizer
  • Facilitator
  • Marketing
  • Sponsor outreach

Other important roles:

  • Food & Drink
  • Registration
  • Volunteer Coordinator

Other communities:

  • Ignite in a box
  • Tedx
  • CloudCamp
  • CityCamp