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Session 8 Sunday, 4:30 PM

7 attendees

Most government don't offer many opportunities to interact with them online, they way many of us do other things.

Britain wants a digital government (

British Columbia province in Canada offers identity cards. Two-factor authentication. Some resistance, but it's voluntary. reveals that some companies got unfounded pay-outs, but few people know how to look that up.

LocalWiki ( recruits people to make wikis for local news, etc. Each community comes up with its own rules for how to run the site, such as to prevent people with an agenda from dominating.

How to let small campaigns get their word out there without a lot of money. One approach is to promote campaign finance laws so that the small voice isn't drowned out.

Ron Paul got further than most non-mainstream candidates. Another example before him was Ralph Nader.

On one city council, the only people who serve have odd and very strong opinions. Who else would be willing to spend 20 hours a week doing this? Also older people because they're retired.

Get young people used to civic involvement, so they start to join city councils when they're in their thirties instead of when they retire.

People are incredibly ignorant of how their governments work and who represents them---but the processes are also ridiculously complicated. They should be made more rational.

Power mapping is main way to get elected: find something that pleases the powerful while seeming to be good for the public (and perhaps being good for the public).

A political group has to get to know some powerful politician on a human level. an example of a site that tries to bring constituents closer to government.

Data journalism could help public understand. News hooks use personal stories or similar interesting ideas to illuminate abstract trends.

People can have more impact locally. They also tend to like media with local content.

Posting local news stories to a college site to foster discussion. Helps bring a subcommunity consisting of college students into the broader community.

Inject transparency earlier in cycle of awarding contracts, etc.