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Welcome to the Community Leadership Summit Wiki! The Community Leadership Summit 2014 is the sixth incarnation of the popular event designed to bring together community leaders and managers and the projects and organizations that are interested in growing and empowering a strong community.

The event provides an unconference style schedule in which attendees can discuss, debate and explore topics. This is augmented with a range of scheduled talks, panel discussions, networking opportunities and more.

This is the official wiki for the annual event. The hashtag for the summit this year is #cls

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CLS2014 Session Ideas[]

Please list your session ideas below as bullet points (preferably link to the thread on the forum where there may be a discussion around the topic:

  • What atmosphere do we want at conferences?
Every conference reveals the values of the community and should support those values. How do we define the values and do our best to apply them in the conference? Harrassment policies are one step (although we can discuss how effective they are at protecting attendees), but we should do more to get the right balance of hominess and professionalism, freedom and safety, open debate and respect.
  • What type of health care system does the public want?
A health care system should reflect the values of the community, instead of merely risk management. But todays US healthcare system is plagued by high cost, slows pays, and insufficient coverage. Consumers who are plagued by these cost will likely benefit from the creation of a health care coop. As a privately funded agency, the objective of the Washington state and California healthcare coops is to address the cost of medical care by offering one single source for all healthcare expenses. Unique is CHC's ability to provide an international standard standard,  paperless enrollment, web based claims processing, and coverage that is primary -- to Medicare, Medicaid, state industrial, personal injury, and all other public entitlements. CHC/WHC board of directors is elected annually by the policy holder, and actively encourages participation by the community.
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