Community Leadership Summit Wiki

Nurture program = set of steps to achieve milestones and build status recognition program

  • points and badge system for members
  • shows participation
  • give out awards 
    • welcome kits with welcome card, stickers, and buttons
    • rock start kit, users earn points by commenting, writing articles, send them a t-shirt and notebook
  • badges tied to user profiles 
  • blog posts, comments show badges, documented 

Goal to nurtures / strategies

  • Second order metrics vs flat comments
  • Drive by’s or stays?
  • nurturing programs for pipelines and kpi (Key Performance Indicators) - ratings, comments , blog posts
  • decay In Ubuntu points
  • time bracket systems
  • initial touch is really important 
  • built paths by topic and skillsets to help different folks get engaged 
  • make it personal 
  • first contribution and give points and build participants
  • invite folks to community list -must ask -you can send a welcome invite to the mailing list

Moz points - be sure to devout enough hours, internationsl shipping, first few levels are non-tangibles (a hug from Roger), people like it, but are expecting "on-time"

  • other non-tangibles: high fives, additional perks, twitter shout-out, take paid things and make them free
  • deployment of the week: citation on the blog, community badge, recommended for events, speaking, etc.

Does everyone know all their community members?
mixed answers: some with physical users know all the members, others with online communities do not

Metrics for new members

  • conversion 
  • add to contributor 
  • top contributors and built a program for them
  • here's a path for you , would you like to do more guest posts

Lots of different paths: building different "nuture" paths, building out by topics and skills

Track record in community to get permissions
Gave ability to closer bugs in the community
If you want to claim this task, comment. Tia

Wordpress - not all staff are accountable to nurture but they are responsible to respond to comments and inquiries

Successful welcomes[]

  • sending intitial welcome email
  • give from the community
  • new recognize new people
  • get food first (at physical events)
  • --> example of honoring/welcoming people
  • ubuntu van -self funded , in person meetings
  • Ubuntu uses trello for welcome and crm for community

Does anyone give users access and privileges on the site?

  • Mozilla's get involved page
  • WordPress theme reviewers: choose featured themes for the month
  • gave access to "close bugs"  --> had to have a track record in the community already
  • Fedora comment system; comments on a post to become part of the team
  • If you get x number of points total, you get access to paid-for services
  • Considering giving discounts: report 50 bugs in a month, training discounts

For folks with bigger teams or those that get paid to nuture, does everyone on your team do "nuturing?"

  • general consensus was no; some people just don't have the skillset

"every interaction is a gift"

Suggested video: looks for animated youtube video on complex jobs and monetary compensation (can someone link this?)