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MozSEO moz (1200 people attneding large event)
OpenBastion - runs conferences (4th django conference) (symposion)
OpenConference SYstems (workflow acedemic conferences)
Missori education network (using COD)
Tom K-economic devlopment
Ilan SCALE and Texas Linux Fest (use scalereg for registration - COD and/or custom drupal for conference websiet and call for papers)
Alfresco community (annual conference, uses drupal -- custom)
Michael from openMRS (unconferences, mulitple custom software)
Scott - World Post (global online network of women activists, looking for training and conference/meetup software)
Tom F. Openstack runs conference every 6 months (2800 people), later this year 5000 people (uses eventbrite for registration, and silverstripe CMS and custom software for presnetations)
Josh B. (Postgres and opensource conferences, Pentabarf? which is abandonware)
Audrey E. - OpenSource Bridge (custom openconferenceware RoR system)
Andrea - manage wordcamp program for wordpress (camp style - cobbled software google docs, custom written software, wordpress, open source ticketing program, etc)
Reed - OpenSource bridge - Openconferenceware (focused around proposal/submission, voting, and scheduled promotion)
Dave Nielsen - CloudCamp (300 unconference style conferences -- creating custom event software - centralized on a server (soon to be
Jakob P - LFNW, Free/Paid event, using COD

Section heading[]

Pain points - Why different software?
-- Registration, RSVP
-- There are too many toggles -- a distribution of distributions?

-- Too many different use cases.

Feature needs:

  • Event checkin
      *Sponsor, staff registrations with coupon codes
    * Should have feature to remove email, site notifications
    * Roles for sub coordinators for various tracks
    * Subevents and Multiple events per site (more organic groups)
          -- For submissions and registration
    * Grid in the desktop, responsive to mobile
    * Automated first draft schedule
    * BOF, Session, capacity scheduling (COD Multi-session scheduling)

COD Features survey: