Community Leadership Summit Wiki

aka: Fostering a truly diverse community + finding folks not like you

"trying to create space where 'the default isn't white and male'"

defining diversity

  • gender - least political
  • race
  • political
  • urban/rural - geography
  • skill level
  • cognitive, domain, verticals, disciplines

successful communities[]

  • unning contribution bounties - needed a task done, blogged about it, asked for nominations in the comments, the 'prize' is to become a core part of the team - no barrier to entry
  • wordcamp - the more your have diverse leadership team, the more they are visible - woman in leadership, women contributors went up, women speakers at conferences more women to apply
  • from code of conduct - confront when you'd want 
  • don't start with ideas, start with what do we want to accomplish, tasks
  • stumptown syndicate - when meeting someone new who was doing something interesting, reached out to them, it opened door to new communities - have age diversity, food diversity - the most minority person there has access "radical inclusion" 
  • create spaces for sub-communities - ie, design team blog, support team blog - leads in each area have same clout as leads in another area
  • business team uses metaphor of theater to have act out their strategy
  • sometimes you have to ignore community feedback to push forward (lower ratings, critical reviews) to create diverse programs and the community moves itself forward
  • if you're tied to a big 'why' it's easier to get inquiries


  • teams with diverse skill level outperforms teams with same skill level - diverse teams beg respectful communication, open mindedness
  • not about creating 'safe little enclave' but getting people involved and feel they'll get respect
  • don't need to celebrate what makes someone 'diverse', rather that it's about having a place that's welcoming
  • this is not an affirmative action program. 'i don't want to celebrate your diversity, i want to celebrate your coding skills - we want to create a more even playing field
  • diversity for diversity sake vs diversity for the sake of providing access, leveling playing field
  • why diversity? to be representative, to be inclusive, to be more efficient
  • where are your gaps in the community
  • how do you get people to listen when they are not inclined to?
  • underrepresented individuals can be intimidated by having to represent for their minority group