Community Leadership Summit Wiki

Session name[]

Crowd-Engineering, how to merge vendor forces with community forces.

Session room & timeslot[]

Room 152 (2) - 14:00 - 15:00

Facilitator & Note-taker[]

Nicolas Pastorino @jeanvoye


Session shortened to 15 minutes, low-attendance until 14:45.

  • Folks from Rackspace involved in the Openstack project + folks from eZ Publish,
  • 180 companies contributing to the Openstack project, hundreds of developers on the project, thousands of contributions,
  • Gatherings every 6 months to define the next 6 months’ “blueprints” (features),
  • Development structure & organization solid and working well to handle the large volume of contributions. Based on Launchpad + Garrit + Github,
  • Roadmap-level less greased: hard to tell what features will have been added in the next release,
  • eZ Publish has inverse problems: public roadmapping working quite well, with socially ranked feature backlog, and good interaction with the vendor’s product management. Development with community working well for small features, but not optimal yet for larger features development.

Take-aways & Action items[]

  • Product vision / roadmapping and development operations / management are intimately linked, this applies to open-source communities too, be they of the community-driven, vendor-led or multi-vendor type,
  • No silver-bullet concerning the tools used to manage crowd-engineering: culture-dependant. Home-brew too sometimes.