Community Leadership Summit Wiki

How do you get users to become more active?

  • first question to ask is - what do you want from the community?
  • good to first collect data on what users are currently doing - so you can understand where the issue may lie
  • need a compelling reason for them to be active
  • have a smaller barrier to entry
  • there are different types of users
    • need to figure out what types of user you have
    • provide multiple tasks that can be completed
  • if its a good product - you may never here from them so need to figure out way to engage them
    • talk about their new feature requests
  • be sure to answer all questions & feedback
  • encourage users to help each other
  • think about community vs audience
    • don't try to force socialization - but let users development it themselves (and you can support & encourage these)
  • need to get people to love and evangelize your product
  • need to provide process & steps for activity
    • don't change that process to fit short term needs
  • have different user types by activity
    • leaches up to evangelist
  • is there a value to the user for participating & providing feedback
    • what types of incentives are there.