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Jono on gamification

Asked by collaborator how they acknowledge contributions in Ubuntu
community. They try to make contributors feel good, but he started
thinking about gamification without hurting the spirit of the

Some people think an extrinsic motivation ruins intrinsic ones.
Gamification sometimes offers things such as trophies that are
extrinsic. But can see games differently. Let people know when they've
accomplished something.

Not an accomplishment to post a lot of postings. People might post
crap for the sake of the reward. Instead, reward skills acquisition,
such as filing your first bug. Doesn't matter if it's a valuable bug
report, the main thing is you've learned how to go through the filing
process. Also focus on sustained contribution.

Besides acknowledging help, gamification should open up opportunities
that people didn't think about.

Have to verify accomplishments (not allow faking it), decentralize
rewards because not enough people to handle them manually. Tight
Ubuntu integration, but something people could take out and use on
other projects. Jono did a mock-up of how the system would look to the
user, wrote up a detailed spec, first code. The rewards are called
"opportunities." Second version more attractive, show rewards through
trophy icons.

Related to Open Badges.