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Healthy communities

Michael woo- lithium

- ratio between contributors and more

What are the goals of the community

Who are hyper contributors : reward and make it higher

Analysis actions and fostersentiment analysis tools might not alwys capture it

Defining a healthy community:


But how to say:How often,Why,What exactly is the contribution

Track trends and meaning (quality, content )Id who are contributors

Healthy community?Questions answered

Users may nt always let you know

Google threads can say something is a good answer

community spam auto pulled out

Have some googlers active in the forums

Have top users (some) that try to help

Tying to not set expectation that all thing will be answered

Make voting happening

Stack overflow works because of gamifiction Leaderboard drives them more

Try to come up with ways to get people more engaged

Measure Health if knowledge space ; forumsVaries by community

Can you create a sense of belonging without engagement?

Metrics may not be captured by it

Does the community have a healthy behaviour?

Healthy community

Measure numbers and collect stories

Article:Promoting and assessing Wagner trainer and delot (?)

How to measure:

Do yr over yr comparison by location for events

Type of event vs how many attend

Compassion research day -Facebook

On language to communicate healthy