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When you think about SEO do you get a negative or positive reaction?
If you run into an "SEO" guru, you should probably run. :)

There is paid search traffic: PPC (pay per click)

Major thing for SEO, you could write the best content in the world. But if search engines can't find them and can't crawl them, then it doesn't matter. There are tools that can test.

How do you translate an ehtos into a community?

Marketing 101[]

  • You have to think about the people you're trying to attract and were they're looking for it. And with social media, you have to think about how it's shared. The title, the image, the meta description.

Do you get more retention with links being shared or by word of mouth?

Google search integrates with recommendations from people in your social network. promotes their community by promoting our content. And in doing so, we also promote the authors of that content.

Moz: Main blog and user generated blog

  • when you have any intereaction, commenting, thumbing, you earn points
  • those points get you rewards, such as 200 points get you a "follow" link in your profiles instead of the "no follow" link; if you get 200 points in a month, you get a month of free service

Does a lot of promoting of the community.

Surprising things that worked, that I didn't think would.

  • changing the meta description on the site (this is your site teaser)
  • changing file/link names from "click here to download" file number x to "Everything you wanted to know about
  • implementing a REL canonical

Content strategy

  • it started with powerful writing
  • Meet-up group in Portland - Content Stategy PDX (on meet-up)

Types of content:

  • blog posts
  • infographics
  • videos



  • edgerank: their own ranking (only 20% of your followers see it)
  • blend of sharing our content, newsworthy content, and pictures
  • post pictures of ourselves, our mascot == for fun
  • planning groups for our CityCamp community


  • sharing information
  • when something that is happening that I care about, my followers tell me
  • - rough prototype of tweeting slides as you present HTML slides

Facebook is about who you know, Twitter is about who you don't know

Linked In

  • Groups: discussion groups, job postings,
  • Linked In is best for B2B
  • Connections with people that is professional (some assemble required)

Other tools:

  • Hootsuite
  • Sprout Social
  • Buffer App
  • Circular i/o
  • Follower Wonk
    • Search twitter bios
    • highlight three different people and compare followers
  • narated slide shows
  • Storify (pulls in tweets to create a blog post)
  • Page lever (amazing insights into Facebook)
  • Co-tweet (now social engage, expensive and buggy)
  • Mailchimp
  • Row feeder