Community Leadership Summit Wiki

Session Notes: Our Goals About Our Goals

Session Room: Table 10

Time Slot: 3PM on Saturday

Organizer: Paul Orwig, Joomla

Note-taker: Sharon Reed Corrett


Open Source Volunteerism

Setting Goals - Meeting Goals

  • what's working
  • what's not

1. Don't have link beween 3 leadership teams to make sure you meet Goal

2. Goals tied to budget setting process


3 teams all volunteers




Haven't been successful at getting terms at meeting goals

some feel they don't have to meet goals

+ good job at publishing a blog documenting progress & recognition to volunteers

+ Engage the community, public discussions about the new things

How do you qualify volunteers

- not qualify

- no vetting process

+ orientation

+ application process

New values




make purpose explicit

Competition ethical?

for motivation

publicize results

Rewards & competition

- can be unmotivating

- success - reward for good behavior, focus on success vs failure

Set expectations

there are different expectations at the various levels

Holding leaders accountable

Goals vs objectives

  • successful organizations

set expectations right away

throughout manage time table & report out

manage/balance workload

How do get people to volunteer

- Joomla monthly magazine help wanted section for volunteers

- Watch for people for specific jobs & ask personally

- Asking people is a goo dway to show you recognize them

How much time does it take to manage a volunteer

- 7-10 people span of control

- structure of organization

Goals vs. objectives - clarify

Gols clear, measurable

ZMilestones/activites to accomplish

measurable & achievable by volunteers

Volunteers - that don't want to d what you need, how to manage

Key ideas for volunteers

set an expectatoin up front

qualify volunteers

Organization branding helps volunteers

Volunteer base should match work needed so no one is over-worked



Action Items:

  • None