Community Leadership Summit Wiki

Community leadership summit 2013 Approaches in PM for good community  

Ubuntu -12 concurrent with blue printing and deadlines 

-could trad project management with volunteers

-experiment-tracking helps-detailed centric , blockers, work problems -what are other approaches-fail - too many stakeholders, 

-to what extent do you plan 

Who is the we -ideas -

Drupal -holds meet ups How do you do the planning -Drupal 8-has gatekeepers for the projects 

-gives trust and commit access-code review and discussion; then merge -hackers and maintainers

- differences in workflow ; how to get both- how to keep these potential -maintainers -scalable tested-core team at kultura

- will it blend, will it sell-how to raise the bar to approach and contribute to the project -nurture, banging the drum to motivate-can process fix it or it personality-lot of people waiting for instruction and to be motivated.

Only a few community managers do the motivation-build a transition plan to get to 101

-how to balance engagement

-volunteers and pestering to fix by date for code review for patch-make the success path for new comers to get involved within an hour 

Consideration: 1. Give transparency 2. New people see massive big process 3. List work items with assignments/ name and time  

Identify good contributors

-do it over time by person-how much and frequency, patterns of contributions of events  

Pm -organized but light weight-help with code review and make good notes to help someone develop their skills and learn 


-give a reverse pull request to help someone own and accept changes on their pull (teaching and mentoring) 

How do you ensure that community changes /forks are accepted &  perhaps don't go down the wrong path 

Drupal has a mentor project-training, 50 people, global-help navigate docs, review code-teach people how to figure out on own , instead of giving the answers-some mentors are support network or knowledge support   

Successfully on track , involved:

-organizing is tuning visibility to the right people

-burn Down charts used to show engagement over time and items that are not on time/spec

- boiling down detail in progress- on track? 

-works internally , might not work for a community , especially new contributors 

- another participant used a baramonitor with wiki to do list with more details. Coded to set colours

-these show the impact of your contribution

- builds engagement and trust New users or all users want to know

-Can I do it and was it significant  

What does completion look like, how big was contribution  

How do you deliver kudos in a scalable way

Drupal has a chuck Norris icon that cheers when you push to Jenkins