Community Leadership Summit Wiki

Reasons we love community[]

  1. Contribution - community helps improve the project
    1. documentation
    2. code
    3. bug reports
    4. feature requests
  2. Promotion
    1. free advertising
    2. provide a human face

Recognition and reward mechanisms ensure health and growth of community[]

  1. Incentivizing community engagement/activity
    1. help newcomers identify low-barrier entry points (e.g. Ubuntu bite-sized bugs)
    2. gamification (e.g. point accumulation/level-up systems (badges) )
    3. affiliation (team rosters? user groups? membership systems?)
  2. Rewarding community activity
    1. accomplishments, achievement unlocking, Level-up (badge systems)
      1. automated systems (low time-investment from core members)
    2. personal touch (thank you email/note) from core project members make a difference
      1. reach out to first-time contributors, solicit feedback about contribution process
    3. recognize/thank contributors publicly (use project accomplishment landmarks to call out contributors)
    4. swag?