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Note: I did not moderate/pitch this session, but I did take notes. Others who were there feel free to revise, add. -Toni Tabora-Roberts @ttr_the_engager

When Worlds Collide - Conflict Resolution

Contributors/Attendees: Dan Sockle, Vancouver WA Rotary (Moderator/Session starter) Toni Tabora-Roberts, Oregon Public Broadcasting Mary Radomite, Google Open Source Eric Butler, natural resources freelancer Pamela, Elliot Group Jack, financial services Neil, Fidelity Investment

- start with commonalities - before going into 'issues' - get people to look at skills, ability - 'benevolent dictator' has been effective managing conflict within communities - text-based communications - email, comments, text-message, etc - can be easily construed - what about skype or face-to-face - sometimes electronic text communications helps with certain folks - can you create spaces where people get something out of it? ie Portland Mamas on FB, Ecotrust's FoodHub - collaboration vs. competition - 'constructive confrontation' - emphasize common shared values - Data Relate Invite Validate Exit (DRIVE) - 'having difficult conversations' - Start by listening - seek to learn their truth; instead of meeting passive aggression with aggression - compassion, respect, empathy - "let them vent!" - reflective communications - acknowledge the emotion - must keep reinforce community values