Community Leadership Summit Wiki

Social networks does not equal community*genuine sharing

  • red hat relies on social network ; fractured conversation
  • google + thread -can continue and is less fractured than twitter or facebook.
  • what is a network or community
  • attributes -cultural norms , commitment, passion
  • norms. Expectations and cultural networks
  • are you in a community and do you care? Dan Allen
  • believe in the direction in general sense
  • close to project or close to the people?
  • working towards goal to make someone successful with product
  • why are you in the community?
  • is it important to you?
  • IRC and Livejournal communities seemed less disjointed than other newer networks
  • community: you give something of yourself not necessarily with networks
  • can networks coalesce from community; can they move on
  • instragram is built on passion and window into people's worlds
  • identity-the active of becoming a community to me
  • you can be in a community with people you disagree with; but networks you ignore them
  • sub community - "id" with , adversal parts of it.
  • communities stay in touch despite tech changes.
  • sometimes communities just shift tech