Community Leadership Summit Wiki

Structural Core of the Community

What makes the Structural integrity of a community?

  • community lead is there to support their goals
  • what is the root of "lack of motivation" in self or organization or community
  • decipher and analysis to understand the foundations and the strength of the core
  • identify the core of community; then we know foundation start to fix the items
  • how to identify the foundations and how can we evaluate what to fix
  • what are the vectors for the space?
  • are you comfortable with foundations : confidence in core structure of Community and that you can you fix them; there will always be problems, but what are the headlines
  • Is there confidence -ethos and underpinning roles?
  • Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora and Linux have defined roles
  • how to make these explicit: might change mood


  1. people and mission aligned
  2. confidence in those people to deliver
  3. people and ethos
  • resilience -continues on despite issues
  • resilience -people who are more broad ; deeply connected to ethos
*mission= DNA of community; unified perspective
  • values keep things in check
  • right people to implement it - values with capabilities
  • people sometimes leave because they think the values aren't there
  • reinforce values is key to reinforce the mission
  • interactions and values - which is the truth serum
  • are all the people plugged onto the mission?
  • transparent and inline to mission?
  • understanding between teams will help you with that mission: especially when problems arise; not just during crisis
  • common values
  • automatic has all staff do tech support first to learn the software. This ingrains the mission
  • Ubuntu even did this with the community volunteers: not passive, but asked people to do x to support the community as a whole. eg. developers assist with docs or other non-tech community support