Community Leadership Summit Wiki

Session name: Telecommuting & Remote Community "Management" Best Practices

Organizer: Jefro

notes: Jefro

best practices for remote offices[]

Thiago: webcam set up in front of coffee machines in separate offices, didn't quite work due to noise

Sonya: call times not good, 7pm US PDT = 7:30am India - everyone mutually screwed, but even

record meetings over Skype, careful not to ramble. 3-10 people show up, 15 mins max - set agenda

phone only is restrictive, add IRC, webex, google docs, etherpad - check out "Illuminate"

Thiago: rotate meeting times, try to cover 3/4 of attendees for each

Matt: had group in Mauritius - mostly asynchronous, email, google docs, task-oriented

cultural issues[]

Adam - Asia, conversational style - spaces between speaking

David Mandel - sometimes hard to get people in various cultures to show up

use meetings only as a level-set - one person had difficulties when several people were in a room, as it made others feel left out. language difficulties make it hard to understand on the phone as well.

do language-specific IRC channels or meetings encourage silos?

need IRC automated translation - can copy/paste from google translate, better than nothing


keep goals in mind

Thiago: meet only when an agenda exists

Adam: schedule 1:1s in addition to group meetings

Thiago: Monthly status reports very useful

bandwidth strategies[]

Michael: multichannel meetings - IRC has low bandwidth requirements, phone/skype audio only

adobe connect - screensharing

also try (plus skype) for desktop sharing

gotomeeting, webex problematic

for Linux, try using screen and let others connect - also, VNC


Jira for logging, not meant for community management but useful

big investment in custom workflows

calagator - great meetup tool


dmoz - structured internet, similar to old Yahoo

personal interaction[]

langdon: I don't work with people in the office, walk coffee-shop to coffee-shop

Thiago: can rent office space