Community Leadership Summit Wiki

Session Leader: Andy Zhang&nbsp

1. Vision: If you want a community, it’s not just the subject, it’s the people. They have to be a prominent part of the community

2. Meeting: Hold a first meeting: Small, mentor the speaker, see how it works

3. Website: Allows people to congregate, allows you to promote sponsors, which you’ll need for funding

4. Communicator: Find a good communicator to introduce speakers, welcome new members. Focus on personal relationships

5. Creativity: Need to support this for all members

6. Reward: Think about the types of users and reward them differently according to experience or level

7. Build your own rockstars: Grant more responsibility for certain users, such as writing newsletters, etc. They become part of your core group to plan for the long term

8. Bring a friend: This helps you increase membership

9. Social networking branding: Identify on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, so people can find you easily

10. Creating a contact list for important elements of the group: sponsorship, membership, etc. Contact them individually to get their advice and commitment on these issues