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Training and Certification - Balancing Commercial and Community

led by Tom Fifield, OpenStack

12 commercial entities offering paid training on how to deploy OpenStack at eg $5000 a head for 3 day course - but then how do you standardize for certification?

OpenStack considering something like RHCE - community wants it for their resumé

community is also trying to generate community training materials

Ubuntu certified profs was a failure, LPI was a prereq

wasn't maintained after one release

Ubuntu Learning Project community materials for teaching also never took off

what about the use of existing training centers? to actually deliver the training - this worked fine for Ubuntu

Eu laws require training for tools and methods - will pay eg a service company to give in-house training

allowing community members to get free training caused corruption eg overblown commits to get "points" towards training

Robin Haberman used to spend $10k  per year on training in intelligent networks, with certs. Now starting a company, needs trained people, but doesn't want it to cost an arm and a leg. Wants to partner with a large org that can help. "Education is a great way to throw money away." Also wants to avoid bidding wars for people with special skills. Worries that, once trained, people will leave.

But: "The only thing worse than training people and having them leave is not training them and having them stay."

in Eu a certification can require that an employee stay for 3 years after training

or fund employee education but if they leave within 3 years they must repay that cost to the company

there's a group of users developing OpenStack training in the Bay Area

find university materials? OpenStack is being taught in some universities. But has to be approached with an individual lecturer, or you'll never get through university bureaucracy

Free Technology Academy - Barcelona - publishes their course material under CC

SEI Software Engineering Institute at CMU

training and evaluation of trainers

eg 475 slides - no skipping

how much should certification cost? RHCE $3k for the exam + classroom time

what does certification actually mean?

community-generated content can save a lot of money, provides openness as to what is being trained

examination can be cheap while training is expensive

people take exams for the "golden ticket effect"

training centers quality consideration - trainers may know the material but nothing more, can't respond to deeper questions

training of local trainers can be effective, especially if they know where to forward questions to

remote presentation doesn't work well


choose your own adventure book style

Coursera videos - one topic 5-10 minutes

different learning styles