Community Leadership Summit Wiki

Session thoughts:

  • How to live with forks (also open office guy)
    • having a strong philosophy, with a stated goal (and communicating that) helps reduce forks. Do we clearly communicate what Wikia is and why? A written "constitution"?
  • Licensing issues
    • focused on code licensing
  • "Death Star usergroups"
    • the difficulties of bad perceptions from users
    • "you can't change a good reputation to a bad reputation in one action"
  • Anger management
    • Discussion on trolls vs angry. Interesting stuff about moderating communities on Twitter

Possible Sessions:

  • Gender (open office guy)
  • How to deal with conflict
  • Harassment polices
  • Mentoring programs
  • what do we do?
  • moderating communities ("not in our community")
  • social networks

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