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What should OSI do next? Facilitated by Simon Phipps Notes by: Alexandre Lefebvre of OW2

Context: OSI decision to switch from self-perpetuating board to stakeholder member based organisation. Decided in Nov 2011, launched the Affiliation scheme in the Spring. 2 Board members (Luis Villa and Eclipse I understood) were elected from the affiliates. Personal membership opening on Wednesday at OSCON (with coming Board Members) Corporate membership to come in the Autumn (with coming Board Members)

OSI is thinking of hiring:

  1. a membership manager
  1. a public policy director, to establish for example the software patent public policy,

and possibly

  1. an executive director.

OSI has a .org booth at OSCON this week.

Goal: see spontaneous activity come from OSI members, to complement the Board decisions. Questions: what activities can be setup with the resources (members)?

List of possible ideas expressed during the session:

  • idea of "OSI certified" lawyers?
  • 15 year review of the OSD (Open Source Definition)
  • discuss the problem of the Cloud effect & Apps (what effect do Apps and Cloud have on Open Source)
  • question about enforcing correct usage of "open source": produce a "list of shame"

Be careful about claiming that somebody is not opensource.

  • Form a network of user group speakers, which could advocate OSI all over the world.
  • SP would like affiliates to recruit other affiliates in Asia
  • OSI does not campaign globally against software patents (other organisations do), but defends the cause, and would join particular battles.
  • Form groups of elected members around specific issues.
  • Question about members of affiliate OSI members -> why should they join OSI as well? What is the value for members?

Idea of benefits for members (reductions, T-shirt, ...)

  • Open cloud initiative should really be an affiliate member (also true of other organisations -> OSI members should recruit other members)
  • idea of publishing list of things that people ask to OSI and that OSI can or cannot do