Community Leadership Summit Wiki
  • EventEvangelist
  • CoLocate for events
  • DefiningCommunity
  • Expanding your skill set
    • Evangelist
    • Event Planning

  • Blog post editing - writing
  • Community advocates to senior management

different jobs in Community Manger hat[]

Evangalesim | Community Advocate | Community Marketing | Event Manager | Social Media | Customre Service |

What shouldn't be part of your role[]


Upselling current customers

Product Management

Bug requests

Feature requests

Bucket activites[]

Jeff's Bucket Model of Community Leadership is a blog post that elaborates on the bucket model. push community forward

  • enable - writing code tools
  • engage - good people touch
  • expose -

Run and maintain

  • how big is community
  • monitoring and measuring
  • planning
  • reporting

Grab bag[]

  • generalist in company is building credibility
  • doing a lot of different things helps

Diff to people[]

  • people who manages people and community manager who don't

Worry about value

Yearly reviews - 1/4 of the group

What is our shared language - what is our glossary?

our jobs are interupt driven

how do we measure accomplishent?

6 month plan

buildin community through gaining and keeping customers.

"What the hell do I do all day: The bucket model of community leadership" by Jeff Potts