Community Leadership Summit Wiki


Sam Eder leading - ant's eye view


Attributes and helpful traits for communityorganizers (skills too!)

Job description

Leaders within the community

Definition of Community Manager

differs in many respects between groups

What is success?



ability to talk to anyone

creates sense of belonging

Knows the job and people well, you do

(don't need to know what, but how to people)

balance between compassion/tough parent

ability to assimilate/reflect points of view

political tact


n. negativity

heading off bad trends

What is innate vs. what is learned

Hard to teach compassion/empathy

Teaching expression of it

disseminating skills to the non-manager

Facebook compassion research

subtleties in language require mindfulness

Expertise can be learned


You need to learn enough to be fluent in your project & meaning behind

Invisible commnity binding is the best kind - and that's the job of the community manager

What's useful in looking for a community manager?

copy writing skills

customer service focus

practical experience managing groups of people

metrics experience

look for people who have started their own projects

theoretical/practical balance

good story of an employment history

NOT focused on just adding responsibilities but changing too


primary focus on being a community amanger

useful tools and what do we need to train people on?

allowing them to take on responsibility


gamers know how


setting goals over 3-6 months, reaching for milestones

certifications are good idea, doesn't replace the practical

Internships can be frustrating to the intern

providing an internship can sabotage the commitment

Add community leaders from the ranks of those who are active

communicate that you are excited about the work that the person is putting out

templates, tutorials, milestones list

mentorship programs

education programs for community members to teach each other

avoiding the rockstar problem

don't send staff when a CM would do

Keep a database of CMs and where they are so you can hook them up

give your community members contacxt with the decision about their decisions

"How to become a core contributor" document, teasching people how to build "cred" amongst the community members

Ask people to write down how they succeed. edit into an insructional document

Run some games of 1000 blank white cards

Jake McKe - community mgr for LEGO, adult hobby, LEGO sets, very into documentation


constant curiosity



thank you notes

hear multiple points o view

being real to your community



political savvy

filling in when needed

track vnseon things

building energy and insipring

talking to businesses push community forward



stuck in day to day

not making tough decisions

not all abou tyou

over organize

too sensitive

don't get disappointed

not following through

bogged down in minutia

taking over

keep on goalsfragmenting

pushing too hard

not room to grow